Friday, June 22, 2007

Love Stories

Today I read few really touching love stories and I wish to share them here cause I have collected them from different sources, some sent by my friends others taken by different sites.

I didn't wrote any of them but I put them here so that others can get them all from one place.

They are :

1. Boy proposed a girl.. The girl said no.
But the boy was not sad. His frnds asked him don't
u feel sad?
The boy replied "I lost the one who never
loved me, but she lost the one who
really loved her."

2. A guy had a cancer and had only 1 month to live.
He liked a girl working in a CD shop very much,but
he did not tell her about his love.
Every day he used 2 go to the CD shop & buy a
CD 2 talk to her.After one month he died.
When the girl went & asked about him,
his mother told he died n took her 2 his room
and she saw all the cd's unopened... & the girl cried.

U know why?

she had kept her love letter inside the CD...


3. There was a blind girl who used 2 hate every one exept
her boy friend.she always used to say that i'll marry u
if i could see you.
Suddenly 1 day some one donated eyes 2 that girl.
When she saw her boyfriend ,she was shocked to that
he was also blind.Her boy friend ansked "WILL U MARRY ME
NOW"? she simply refused.Her boy friend smiled and went
away saying,"just take care of my eyes...."
thats what LOVE is........

4. One day a boy asked his girlfriend 2 marry her.
the gal gave him a challenge to live a day with out her,
only them she will marry him. no communication was there
for 24hours.
the boy dont know that the gal has only 24 hours life
left.becoz she was ill. after 24 hrs the boy went to the gals
house holding a ring. he was shocked to know that she was dead.
she left a letter for him saying, "U DID IT AND U CAN BE WITH OUT ME.DO IT EVERYDAY MY LOVE... MISS YOU....!"

5. A boy n gal loved each other,unfortunatly d gal died...
Aftr death she said to d boy "ek vada tha tera har vade k peche,tu milega mujhe har gali, har darwaze k piche, par tu hi bewafa nikla, ek tu hi na tha mere janaze k peche."

Itne me ek awaz ayi, d gal shockd, ye uske boyfrnd ki awaz thi, he said "ek vada tha mere har vade k peche, main milunga tujhe har gali k har darwaze k peche, par tune hi mud k na dekha,ek aur janaza tha tere janaze k peeche"

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