Monday, June 25, 2007

The Prestige : Movie

The Pledge The illusionist shows something ordinary
The Turn He makes the extraordinary out of the ordinary
The Prestige The final reappearance

The story of The Prestige is build around professional rivalry among two illusionist The Great Danton and The Professor.
Their professional rivalry converts into a bitter battle which maked the life of both, a hell.

This movies starts with a failed act of The Great Danton (played by Hugh Jackman), where he dies in front of The Professor. Later on in the trial Borden (alias The Professor) was charged with the murder of Aglier (alias The Great Danton).

The movie revolves between flashbacks and present scenes which are easily distinguishable with a surprise element at the end.

The story is great and the end is most surprising. Although I somehow predicted the end during the movie but still it was shown in a different manner with a sense of sacrifice.

The main point behind the whole story was the nonacceptance of Anglier that Boreden has used a duplicate for his transport man trick. As he goes deep to uncover the secret behind his trick he find Tesla with a great discovery which would eventually change the life of both, his and his rival (Boreden).

This movie also reveals a lot of tricks performed by magicians which looks quite amusing to us but in real are more simpler but still done with a lot of practice.

I liked this movie very much, especially the surprise elements and I recommend it as a must watch movie even if you are not a fan of Hugh Jackman.


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