Sunday, June 03, 2007

Last day in college

Yesterday was my last day in college and it was also the day of Project Viva. My viva went very good.

I went to college in the morning at 8:30 am and there I came to knew that examiner will arrive at 1:30 pm so till that time we had free time. This was enough but unfortunately I volunteered to help Ghosh Sir and that took a good portion of this time and hence I was totally free at 11:30 am.

Then we enjoyed a lot. We means all of the friends of our group. I had great time yesterday and I think yesterday could be said to be day of the life. Many cried, Pallavi cried, Monika nearly cried after Pallavi went to home. I was also sad but I was happy with the day as it was 100 times better than day before yesterday.

We stayed at college till 9:00 pm. I missed camera and cell phone as I could take some memories of the day but Juhi Vaish, Neha Maheshwari, Monika, Ashish, Deepak Bora, Madhuresh and many wrote on my shirt which I will preserve for life. I think that I might have cried yesterday but I don't know how I controlled myself.

Then while coming back to room Pujit said that we should take dinner but we were unable to eat anything. Yesterday night I was also not able to sleep. Today morning when I woke up I was very much upset, more than yesterday. I understood that if I came back to home by bus then definitely I will cry in the bus so I asked Mummy to ask Papa to come to pick me. They agreed and told me that they will reach by 1:30 pm, in the mean time I asked Ashish Shukla that whether we can meet or not, he said he will reach my room by 9 am. Pujit left hostel at 7 am and Rajeev left at 8 am. I was alone at that time and I was very sad and didn't wanted to leave. At 9 am Ashish Shukla and Ashish Sharma came and few minutes later I felt that Ashish Shukla was crying. I too was very sad but I was able to hide my emotions. We went to Butler Plaza and Rohit also came along with us. We met Anjulika (who was crying yesterday but was happy today), and other hostler girls. During this time Neha Maheshwari called me and while we were talking she was crying, this made me feel very sorry as this time I couldn't do anything to make her stop crying because this time the reason was out of my hand. At 1:30 Mummy and Papa came and I came back home. At least I was not crying.

Few months back I was waiting for such day but when it arrived I was not happy at all because this time I have to leave all my good friends and I think I can't express the bitterness in my heart through any words.

I don't know what had stopped me from crying but at times since yesterday I had, once or twice, nearly made my eyes wet.

Reaching back home also didn't helped me and I am still very upset. Infact I also slapped Ayan, my Bua's kid, he was irritating me from the time I reached home and now I did this too him.

I don't know how long this will last but this time I really didn't wanted to leave college. God, Why such ironies happen to me?

I didn't wanted to stay at Bareilly now I am feeling alienated at home. How funny. Hope I might stay in touch with my friends and can meet them time to time.

I will miss all my friends at college.

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