Thursday, June 10, 2010


A Movie by Prakash Jha. It was much hyped and luckily when it released I was in Delhi so I got chance to see the first day show.

First thing, there is nothing like Sonia Gandhi or any reference to any Political Party in this movie. Its not even look like the actual political scenario throughout the movie. The Killing and Violence is more inspired from Gangster Movies rather than any tricks which are used in Politics. For every problem in this movie, the only solution was Killing. Only in one scene it was shown that people of politics can trade, when Ranbir agreed to Marry Katrina but later due to political situation he has to ask Katrina to marry his older brother. Other than that no other scene showed any type of Politics. As I earlier said it was totally inspired by Godfather and it looked more as a Violent Gangster movie.

The elements of Mahabharat were there to justify certain actions of the actors as well as to bring some movement in story. But main objective of those elements was to let audience think that they have watched modern Mahabharat, but infact they watched Indian Godfather. Those who watched Godfather felt cheated while others enjoyed.

Another aspect which shall be talked and that is, this is first time Prakash Jha has to use Sex to promote his movie. Shruti Seth, Katrina Kaif and Sara they all showed their body and had one screen sex scene. To promote this movie Prakash Jha even said that there is one deleted sex scene (between Arjun Rampal and Theatre actress, Shruti Seth) which will be featured in DVD. Another gimik to promote the DVD of the movie.

Shruti Seth

This movie had more violence, sex than any Prakash Jha's movie and hence not a good idea to watch it with children.

My recommendation :

If you haven't watched The Godfather then you will surely like it (Rating : 4/5)
If you had watched The Godfather you will not like it very much (Rating : 3/5)

Overall it is a nice movie to watch atleast once but nothing special to speak about. Many would like it, talk about it but those who have watched real cinema may left a bit disappointed. This movie surely will be a hit, but it would never be a classic.

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