Thursday, December 22, 2005

I made a choice and that is costing me more than I bargained for!!!!

Few days back I made a choice and that was to confront my crush regarding my likeness and now I am at the worst situation I could be in.

I can never understand the attitude of girls as well as their behaviour. I am also not able to concentrate on my exams. To my surprise I havn't even studied for a total of 20 Hours for the whole End Semester Examination and I am still having high hopes for it.

Today was my fifth examination that was of Accounts. I hope I will
clear it easily as I was most worried about Accounts and Stats. Now
both went fine (not good but atleast passing). However, this was not
the point for my irony.

I told her about my likeness on 1st Dec. and she replied that she will remain my friend as she was earlier but now her attitude towards me has changed a lot and she sometimes try to ignore me but also often I find her to try to talk me for no perticular reason even though she today sat near me in bus when even there were a lot of vacant seats and her stop was few seconds away.

May I ever understand her and get positive result from her.

Apart from this I am also having troubles with my routine life. I will post further later as I have to go right now.

Bye for Now.........

PS: I will reach back to home on 28th Dec. (I expect so)

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