Friday, May 01, 2009

A very beautiful Picture shot by my Teacher

Here is a very beautiful picture shot by my Teacher Mr. Rakesh Chandra (soon to be Dr. Rakesh Chandra, as his Ph.D. in Law is under process). I was amazed by this picture and more amazed when I found that this picture was taken in India. Never thought that anyone can take such beautiful pictures without using photoshop work.

To tell you about my Sir, he is really a great person. LL.M. and now Sub-Registrar in Badayun, He is an All Rounder personality, and I was very lucky to get opportunity to study from him. As he came to Invertis for teaching only for 2 years. Rest time he spent in Khandelwal College of Management.

Right now under his training period as P.C.S. Officer, he is also enjoying his favourite hobby i.e. Photography.

And of course I have taken his permission before putting this picture here because He is a law genius and his LL.D. title is also on "Software Piracy and Indian Legal System", So better take permission to put his pictures here. And I am happy that he gave me permission to put his pictures here.

More of his work can be seen on his flicker album which he regularly updates : Rakesh Chandra's Album

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