Sunday, March 27, 2011

Its Long Time !!!!


For long time I have not posted much on this blog, it was due to a lot of things happening in my life and the most important thing that I wanted to enjoy some time with my Son. He is really a great enjoyment for me.

Also In past few months I have decided to leave all the other works and devote my time to my Business and Craft (Of course Family gets the first priority). I am finishing off my old work and slowly denying new task which other expect me to do for them. It was good helping others but now everyone is getting habit of relying on me without considering my time and comfort. Even in past months I faced some people expecting me do their work and that too by going to their home. Funny... I don't get it, why people expect others to help them at their personal comfort. When anyone is not taking any money from you then atleast look that his work or his time is not being spoiled.

So, long story short, due to these annoying people all those whom I help are on loss. Now I am avoiding everyone who calls me to come to their place to help them. What I am, a Saint? No. I have my own responsibilities and also own life. I will continue to help those who come to me. But who expect me to go to them.... Keep Waiting for life.

Other than that I am planning to start a blog on craft. As these days my total attention is towards Crafting like Paper Craft, Greeting Cards and all kind of Art. I am procuring stuffs which might be helpful in making cool greeting cards. Now I am creating a site, a blog and a facebook page which I will regularly update and give a lot of Prizes and tutorials.

I will post update on The Craft Zone (Thats the name I decided to my craft area) very soon.

Also my posting on this blog may be a little bit low but sooner I will be adding quality content.

Stay Tuned.

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