Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Online Personal Factory

Do you want to start your own personal factory?
Do you want to fabricate your own designs?

Do you want to create your own prototypes using high quality 3D Printers?

You do not want to invest a lot in getting all the above things.

If answers to all or any of the above question is YES then do not worry. There is an online solution, sad news is that it is cheaper for US but the shipping cost is very high for Indian Customers. But if your product is mission critical or if you compare the cost of purchasing your own 3D printer then it is nothing.

So Here is the website : Ponoko Online Personal Factory

Its easy and you can create great stuffs there. Even you can create your Metal Visiting Cards with die cut design.

So what are you waiting for head over to Ponoko.com and enjoy.

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