Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie - The Adjustment Bureau

Yesterday I watched one of the cool movie of 2001, The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. This is one of the cool movie because of its story which is different from others. You can say that the story might raise questions about Free Will but overall it showed the concept of Options and choices.

The story is kind of straight forward, a person loves a girl and he is willing to sacrifice everything for her but a secret bureau "The Adjustment Bureau" is not allowing him to be with the girl. Reason? The Bureau's Chairman has decided a plan for the person in which the girl doesn't fit. So the bureau does everything to stop them. Now it seems easy story isn't it? But the key point here is that the Bureau person's have special powers and infact they are Angels while the Chairman is supposed to be the God. In one scene when Matt Damon asked Anthony Mackie that whether he is chairman then he replied that Chairman is known by many names and you might have met him/her as he/she meets people in disguise.

This movie is a kind of extension of my thought that there are methods by which we can let everyone think that they have been offered choices but we control what they will choose. This is the same with God, he gives us choices but if he wants then he control which choice we make. Then where is the "Free Will".

Do watch this movie if you want to see something new, fast and action paced. Though if you want movies for smashing fight scenes then there are not those kind of scenes in this movie but still its really fast paced movie.

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