Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider

This is the big news of past two days, many are saying that 10th Sep 2008 will be the Doomsday, but I don't believe. I will post my reasons in this post. First of all let me introduce the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), it is a machine which will try to recreate the Big Bang and then scientist will be able to see what happened in the begining. They can use the answers to bring new revolution in man kind but there are some catches.

First why 10th Sep 2008 will not be the Doomsday :

1. Today the beam will be activated (fired) but they will not collide today, since no collision then no chance of any destruction.
2. The beam will be fired at very low speed, it will catch speed in the later phases of the experiment, so no chance of creation of mini big bang today even if the beams collide.

Now why this experiment will not be useful for man kind :

1. Chances of success is low, that means we will never get the expected result.
2. If the experiment fails then we have to rethink the creation of universe from scratch.
3. If this experiment is successful the the world (Universe) will be destroyed, because if a new universe is created then old one will be destroyed to make place for it.
4. Worst, if the Anti-Matter is unleashed then it may effect the existing Universe in unseen ways.

Now if the universe was created by God then this experiment will bring only destruction (if successful).

Now my view:

I don't mind to be destroyed with whole planet but what only I wish is to know the answers of creation and what existed before the big bang?
Whether there is any God or not?
If not then how this all begin?
If God exists then what was before him/her?
How th whole Universe formed from nothing?
What lies in nothing??????

Many question. If I get answers to all then I will even happily stay in hell for an eternity.

Here is a great picture that illustrates what I mean by destruction if LHC experiment is successful.

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