Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HDFC Netsafe Card (A virtual Credit Card)

Two days back I found that HDFC Bank provides a service named as Netsafe card and I immediately registered for it.

The best part of this service is that you don't need to have a Credit card to create a virtual Credit card, you can also create one with your Debit card. I have successfully created a virtual credit card and used it to order free 250 business cards and a free printed pen from Vista Print. The best thing is that these virtual card can not be used more than one time so you don't need to worry, also you can make them preloaded with certain amount so you don't need to worry being charged wrongly.

I like the ease of use for this service very much.

For all those who have a HDFC bank account and want to use this service they can visit the HDFC bank's site (www.hdfcbank.com) and from there choose Netsafe Card from the menu and you can start using this service in just few minutes. There is also a software of HDFC bank which can create your Virtual credit cards in snap.

So for all online shopping I prefer HDFC Netsafe Card.


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NetSafe Card said...

HDFC netsafe facility is a very good one that I have used more than 50 times.

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