Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

After much wait yesterday I got chance to watch Batman: The Dark Knight. It was very much hyped and I was waiting to see it since the day it has been released but I was lucky yesterday.

No doubt this was one of the best movie of the Batman series but still there were some drawbacks. First I will discuss the best part of this movie then the negative ones and finally the part which was soo good that it reminded me of Godfather PartII (my all time Fav. Movie).

Best things about this movie :

1. The role of Joker was excellently played by Heath Ledger, unfortunetly he died earlier this year so he was unable to enjoy his success in this movie. I always liked Heath Ledger since I saw his movie A Knight's Tale, his work was always good but I never knew he can show soo much talent in his last movie.

2. The story was tight and there was no scene where anybody can feel it boring or the story is going off track.

3. Actions were great and the sequences where Batman jumps off any building is really the one scene I will watch many time.

4. Michael Caine as always worked superb at Batman's trusted ally Alfred, the Butler.

Over all there are so many good stuff in this movie that it can not be simply described in few points. You have to watch it to believe.

Bad Things in this movie:

1. The role of Batman was never strong through out the movie except in the end. In the whole movie I wanted more batman action then the story but it was less.

2. Batman (Christian Bale) was never shown confident or a good detective in this movie unlike how it is shown in the Comic books.

3. All the time there was confusion blinding Batman which true Batman fan cannot like, becaue Batman is a character which is always clear in his mind. Though he has pressure for his responsibilities but he always take it easily. Only in the end the Batman Character was shown how it should be in the full movie.

4. The Ghotham city was shown completely changed than how it was in Batman Begins, in fact cave was also not shown as it should be.

5. Overall the character of Batman was shown less powerful and confident than the previous movie Batman Begins.

The Best part of the movie :

The best part of the movie was the final scene where Batman was taking responsibility for all the crimes that he didn't done, why???? See the movie and you will not regret. This scene is same beautifully shown as the last scene of The Godfather II part where Michael Corleone was sitting at the park's bench.

Both scene easily touches the heart because in both scenes the Hero is having pain and agony which he cannot show since he should be seen as a tough guy by the world around him.

Even if there are any negative points in this movie then all complaints are washed away with the last scenes of this movie.

But do remember the tone of this movie is Dark as the Frank Miller's Graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns"

Trust me if you didn't watched this movie then you surely had missed one of the best movie of all time.

My rating for this movie : 10/10

Enjoy !!!!

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