Monday, October 31, 2005

At home for Deepawali Holidays

After long time I am getting time to write. I have been under a busy schedule at IIMS.  I was having three exams daily and for that I also have to prepare as I was wishing to get good marks without any unfair means.
Now from 30th my holidays starts and will last for 6 days. My papers went fine and I left college on 29th. I went with Gyan sir to faridpur to get a bus at 1 pm but I was unable to get any so we came back to bly. We found that all our classmates were coming out of the college so I joined them. We went to Satellite Bus Stand but were unable to get any bus untill 4:30 pm. I reached home at 6:30 pm then I came to know about the shop's enaguration so I went to shop and stayed there till 10 pm. I came back ome at night.
Yesterday was the enaguration of the shop so I stayed there till 11 pm in night. It was a tedious working day. Today I am damm tired. I hope I will get sufficient relaxation but no problem today and tomarow I have to work hard then I will get leave (atleast hope so).
I will write more later when I get time. till then bye.

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