Monday, October 10, 2005

Back at home

I am back at home. I came back yesterday after classes but I was too tired to access the net.
Today I spent most of my time at my Shop. I also got today the Hindi Version of The Godfather. I brought some more movies today, that are , The Last Samurai, Batman Begins, Face/Off, Phantom and a Cartoon movie of Batman. Apart from these I brought a couple of DVDs too.
These are : Transporter, The Hero
I like these movies a lot, especially The Hero, Last Samurai and Transporter. Not to mention my Favourite The Godfather. I am a die hard fan of The Godfather and I have the complete Collection of it on CD although I will love to get the 5 DVD Set of The Godfather Trilogy.
I also accessed my mail today after long time and sent the invitations to my seniors. I was surprised as at my Institute the Web browser isn't supported by Gmail so I was not able to send them invitations from college lab.
Most of my time today went in watching movies and spending some time with my family.
At last I have got the much awaited rest.

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