Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Faster, Faster and Faster

Now my real self is showing itself, faster driving, more than ever. Yesterday I drove very fast as compared to my normal driving, the fact was that it was night time when i came back with Ashish from Mela some body overtaken me in bad way so I put my effort to defeat that person since that was difficult as he already has got a good distance so I have to drive faster than usual, So fast that even Ashish feared my driving. I was unable to see far as there was heavy traffic but I defeated him within 5 minutes under the fly over.

I am now amazed on myself as few months back I left the habit of defeating every one coming in front of me but now all of a sudden I am unable to stop myself from racing.

But unfortunately this habit will die as tomorrow I will be back to college and there I am unable to get my hands on any bike or Car.

Apart from this I met Shashank yesterday and enjoyed a lot with him. I also met Mumtaz today and she told me about her engagement. She is going to be married on 3rd Jan. My best wishes are always with her.

Today most of the time I spent with my computer, I was copying softwares on my hard disk, which I will take back with me to Invertis.



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