Saturday, October 01, 2005

I am confused!

I don't know whats going up. I am getting more and more confusing. I
am sleeping more than I use to, I am not liking anything, I get frustated easily now days and also I feel very odd these days. I am unable to find whats going on within me.

Since day before yesterday I am having this feeling. I am staying tense all the time and I am also not able to understand my behaviour. May be I need some time to relax and thats why I am sleeping more than required (even I got sleepy during class).

I got marks of few subjest : Marketing Management (16), Communication (19) and Law (21). These are the scores which I achieved all by myself. I have done a little bit (or to say a lot) cheating in others but I was unable to do anything in these papers all except Law in which I asked points from Deepika.

I am also a little bit angry with myself. I can't say the reason here but Its related to the day of 23rd Sep., and 25th Sep., I know I have special meanings for these days but I was so busy on these days that I didn't done anything.

Sorry to both of you as I forgot your birthdays. I am getting more and more forgetful because previously in this month I forgot the birthday of Mahendra (6th Sep.).

I don't know what more to write so I am closing this post as I am not feeling very well from inside my heart right know.

God please help me understand my behaviour.



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