Sunday, April 03, 2005

Are we living in Matrix?

Ever since I saw the movie Matrix and later on its sequels, I have one question in my mind and that is that whether we are living in a simulated world or even we only exist in any computer program and we are controlled by some advanced civilization.

There is no proof for my thought but also there is nothing which can firmly deny this. The only thought which denies it for me is that if we were living in any such simulation then the machines may never let us see the movie "Matrix" but it happened so it maybe possible that this is just a thought but to contradict this I can say that the machines, if we are living in any simulation, may have control over our thoughts and that's why they don't fear from such small points.

From my childhood I always looked at the sky at night and always wonder that whether GOD exist or not and if he exists then why there are so problems in this world and above all why I havn't got a chance to meet him. I was so amased at my childhood about the perfection of every thing of this world even the perfection of humans over other species. But now I think that this is all because it is a simulated world of Matrix created by machines to blind us from the truth.
This perfection is just the result of machines accuracy because if any human or any GOD might have created the world or universe then there may be some imperfections, although I also belive that "No one is perfect. the one who is,is GOD" but this is just a thought and is not accurate as I havn't got any chance to meet the GOD.

There is also a point which contradict the existance of the GOD and that is if GOD created us then why didn't it created life on any other planet and if it had created so then why didn't we got any real chance to meet Aliens ( I say real chance which for me means my meeting to Aliens not just some one elese bluffing over this fact.). And even if GOD created only us in this Universe then why he is neglecting us all and all the humans on Earth are living miserable life.

So in my thought I have doubt in the existance of GOD and if there is no GOD and we are not living in any MATRIX then can anyone please explain me how the Universe was created and whats the boundries of this Universe.

So this all concludes that we are living in Matrix and I am trying my hard to find any proof. If anyone also believes in this then contact me.

PS : I also believe that may be we all don't exist at all and are just Computer Generated Characters which have some AI and are the part of any Game (like a mix game of Civilization 3 and Matrix online) controlled by some other civilizations. Think about it.

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