Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Godfather Vs Sarkar


It would be silly to compare both the movies as there were no match in performance between Amitabh and Abhishek against Marlon Brandon, Al Pacino.

I saw Godfather few years back and still it's my fav. movie. I don't like any slow movie but still with great performance by Marlon Brandon and Al Pacino it is my Fav Movie.
When I saw Sarkar I knew that it would be inspired by Godfather since its already mentioned but it would be such badly inspired I didn't thought.

Well since the first scene it seemed to be duplication of Godfather.

Let me compare the scenes of both the movies :

Initial Scene of Sarkar showed a man asking justice from Sarkar regarding rape of his daughter and Sarkar (Amitabh) just replied in
one sentence "I should see his face happy next time" Where as In Godfather it showed the other face of Godfather, his justice, friendship loving person. When Bonesera asked him to kill
those who tried to abuse his daughter then Godfather replied that this is not justice your daughter still lives.
On offer of money from Bonesera, Godfather asked is friendship as well as reminded him the old days where Bonesera was his neighbor but never accepted Godfather's friendship thinking of him as criminal.

In this scene Godfather rules as it showed much more of Godfather rather than just justice loving person.
This initial scene clearly makes the difference between both the movies. For those who havn't saw Godfather should see it and judge themselves.

All other scenes were also badly inspired from godfather but I must talk about another scene where Abhishek told his father that he has killed his older brother.
In Godfather 2 Al Pacino ordered to kill his older brother but that scene was much more a work of art rather than just a murder.

The final scene of Sarkar showed the revenge of Abhishek, This scene was the best part of the movie. In this scene we can see the acting talent of Abhishek. This was clearly superb.
The Final scene of Godfather was also great and it is also regarded as the best scene of Hollywood Cinema.

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