Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Independence Day !!!

Today is Independence day of our country and wish everybody a very
happy independence day.

I always like to go to school on this day as our school organizes
various program on this day. But today I went back to my school
finding that all students are assembled in the ground and singing
patriotic songs, No cultural programs at all and even no entry for
alumni or any other person. Since I didn't got permission to go inside
and also it was boring so I didn't asked them actually, I moved to my
ex college. I was surprised to see that there was no one else apart
from the lecturers and college staff. Not even a single student showed

This is patriotism of present generation? Not even celebrate our
independence day! This brings another question and that is how the
present generation respects our nation. I have saw many persona who
even don't stand for our national anthem. Even in my school days our
P.T.I. did this very often. I don't know why these people don't
respect our national anthem or national flag. May be they want to show
that they are free to not respect it. I believe that we should all
respect our nation and should respect its various sign as well. One of
my friend is such respectful that once we were going to somewhere and
he listened the national anthem (which was actually coming from a
distant college loudspeaker, even we were unable to listen it) and he
told us that listen the national anthem is playing and we all stand
still till the end of the anthem.

One more thing is here that people play national anthem on
loudspeakers while others don't even consider giving attention to the
anthem. This is really shameful. I hope everybody
follows the code for our national symbols.

Thanks and Happy Independence Day once more……

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