Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Life these days

These days my life is going in a different direction as compared to my previous days. However I am enjoying this also. My wedding is on 10th Feb and after engagement my life's changed. Now my main focus is on the program of 10th Feb. I am still confused that whether I am ready for the major change in my life but I think that delaying is no longer beneficial for my case.

Day before yesterday I was very happy because on that day I met her twice in the whole day and as we still are living in places where meeting each other before marriage is not considered normal behaviour, this was very much exciting.

I missed to post these days but what else I can do as I am busy with my new life I hope everything will be settled by 15th Feb and then I will be free to post. Til then I will try to find some good things and share them here. But still the main problem is that I am not doing anything new these days, Funny Na.

Anyway, I will post some good websites soon for some good stuffs.

Till then Enjoy


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