Friday, February 08, 2008

My marriage on 10th Feb 2008

These days I was busy as my marriage was fixed for 10th Feb 2008, and I also was busy in doing arrangements. Now only two days are left. I don't know how should I feel or what I am feeling but this is sure that I am not that happy right now as I thought I would be, May be its due to the thought that my life will change drastically.

I Hope that everything goes fine and I will be happy after 10th Feb. But still rest is in the hands of Almighty.



Aditya said...

Hi Aditya ,my name is Aditya Gupta,nickname Adi,10yr old living in Delhi.......I love playing football.I dont like girls....but I guess U HAVE to get married.............congarts nd all the best.

Smartphone said...

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