Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My new I Pod Nano

Day before yesterday I brought an I Pod Nano 2 GB 2nd Generation from Lucknow. Although this model is quit old one but it was a good bargain at just Rs. 6K. I liked the sound quality very much along with its size and weight which was exceptionally small.

While typing this post I am listening to it. but I do faced few problems which I would like to mention here:

1. The dealer who sold me the I Pod connected the I Pod to his PC and the cable supplied with the I Pod didn't worked so he replaced it immediately, so I will recommend to check all the parts.

2. This one comes without charger. Only USB Cable can be used.

3. Do buy a cover as it may get dirty very easily.

4. The dealer loaded some songs (as usual in India) but doing this he also loaded some viruses which were definitely unwanted.

So do beware of these facts. One also important fact i.e. the battery is good but you can not change it yourself. You will need to get it changed by Apple.

Above all the sound quality, the form factor and the product all are above satisfaction considering the price I paid to own this one.

Amazing this was that loading 200 songs (around 1.5 GB) took only 15 minutes only.

Now I am searching the net for enhancing my I POD, like games, podcast (I haven't tried it but I heard a lot), etc.

So till then Enjoy......

Song playing on my pod right now : Aa Bhi Ja Singer : Lucky Ali , Movie : Sur.


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