Friday, October 31, 2008

Three Free Browser based MMORPG

Here are three free browser based MMORPG which I played in past few days and found them interesting.

Te links are description are :

1. Beyond Evolution : It is an MMORPG set at the time of the nomadic life. You have to increase your skills and do various activities to enhance your life and status in his game. Since this game is in starting stage so there are some bugs but you can level up very easily in this game.

The link is : Beyond Evolution

2. Age Races : This is an MMORPG based on Cars. Visit the site and you will find more information.

The Link is : AgeCars

3. Viva-Ponata : Though this is an adult game but it is fun to play it. Only play if you are over 18 because otherwise you will be breaking the law. Play it at your own risk because it has no bans on any explicit pictures or language.

The Link is : Viva-Ponata


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