Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girls using Abusive Language in Public March

Few days back I found a clip on net which says that these are Girls of IIM-C but I am not sure about this. However in this clip The Girls are speaking abusive words in Public and this clip is shot by mobile phone.

I found a link for it and I am not sure whether it is offensive to post it here.

I am posting it here and if anyone has problem then please tell me so that I can remove it otherwise check it out.

Note: This was my third time in Life that I have heard abusive words from Girls.

Download Link

Do post your comments


Richie said...

dude cm on
gimme a break
kaunse jamane me rah rahe ho..?
ab to ladkiya ladko se b jyada galiya deti hai

Aditya Gupta said...

yes I know that now girls use more abusive language.

But at the time of making that post I never heard any abusive words from girls.

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