Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visit to Dudwa National Park

Day before yesterday I went to Paliya with Rohit Sir, Bablu & Munish. We went there for our College's promotion. Our work was finished by 3:30 PM so we decided to go to Dudwa National Park. Upon Reaching there we found that there was no one who can assist us, and we assumed that the park was closed due to rainy season. However we found a deer who ran towards us (maybe he was looking for some food), My MotoROKR came handy and I quickly took his picture.

Later we went towards GauryFanta which is on the border of India and Nepal and in our way we saw Cheetal, Lakadbaggha and some wild cows.

We came back home at 8 pm.

We had a great time there but due to being wet I caught fever. But I will surely love to visit Dudwa again.

The Deer that came after us ;)

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