Tuesday, October 20, 2009

36 Hours of Being Father

Yesterday God gifted me a Baby, and now I am sharing my experience of being father for past 36 Hours.

Firstly the expected date of delivery was 8th Nov. 2009 but suddenly day before yesterday the baby slowed down the movement so we went to doctor yesterday morning for checkup. Doctor recomended us to have a Colored Ultrasound. We done that and found that the cord is around the neck of the baby so to save the baby we need to operate.

We agreed and at 4 PM in evening Surabhi went for operation. Within 15 minutes the nurse came and asked for "Shagun" as we had a Boy. I was surprised and couldn't believe my ears as it was so fast that my every action was spontaneous.

5 minutes later she came with the baby. I took him firstly in my hands and I couldn't describe the feeling, then I handed over the baby to Shweta and took some quick snaps.

The baby is more or less similar to Surabhi. For the past 36 Hours I havn't took a good nap and even didn't took much rest cause I am more interested to give my time to the newborn baby.

He is so cute that I keep staring at him all the time.

Here is one pic of him taken 10 minutes after his birth.

Now I am going to take some rest cause I have to go back to hospital as soon as possible.


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