Friday, July 23, 2010

Get $50 Facebook Voucher and $75 Adwords Voucher for $6.99 only

Here is a method through which you can get $50 Facebook Voucher, $75 Adwords Voucher for $6.99 only. Though you can use this trick only one time but if you have access to Virtual Credit Cards then you can get as many vouchers as you want.

Here is how it works :

Goto Godaddy through the following link:

Hosting at - World's largest Web host!

Then Order for 1 Month Deluxe Plan ($6.99 per month), don't use coupon codes otherwise you won't get vouchers.

After finishing the order you can get the Vouchers(it take 2-8 hours to add the voucher to your account) through Account Manager in Godaddy.

You can also get a Domain name for $1.99 with this order so if you planned to buy a domain name then don't forget to order it at the time of checkout. This way you will be able to get a Domain Name, $50 Facebook Voucher, $75 Adwords Voucher and one month hosting for $8.98 only.

Here is a tip: If you need only Facebook or Adwords voucher then you can sell your space voucher at Digital Point Forums or other Internet Forums.

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