Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars III : The revenge of Sith

I am looking forward for Star Wars III :The revenge of Sith. It is releasing on 20th May although the plot is already out over internet but still the movie is what the final words for the entire Star Wars series. I am the most unlucky person since I didn't saw the episode IV, V & VI of Starwars even though I got the chance to get them once but at that time I was unaware of Star Wars. I didn't purchased those DVDs at that time now since past three years I am hunting for them in local market but still I didn't got. I know that they can be easily purchased from Internet but I don't have credit card and rediff don't have them.

Anyway that’s my tragedy, I will have to cope with it. I am searching for these movies and I know I will find them sooner.

For those who haven’t saw any of the Star Wars movie I will recommend that they must watch them. They will never regret for their time and money.

I now wish that I may be able to watch this final installment of star wars in theatre on 20th May. I will try my best to view it as soon as possible. Till then enjoy watching movies.

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