Thursday, May 19, 2005

Summer vacations

Now my summer vacations have started. I know that i have passed graduation last year so whole year must be vocational for me but instead whole year went so work loaded that now I feel that I have got vacations right now.
Firstly during the past year I have to arrive at the institute at 8:30 am and often I reached back home after 3 pm. later on I have to crack CAT examination so I never felt that my studies are over I have to study Math (which my school time teacher Tapan Sir taught me at my institute) after December my CAT result was out and I missed it with few marks less in English. Now another laborious time arrived I first cleared MAT examination (6th Feb) with 92 percentile then was time to fill forms of various institute. I filled forms for Amity and BIMTECH. I gave interview at both the institutes, but till that time I found out that the university status of Amity hasn't been approved so their was no chance of me taking admission in any doubtful institute. At BIMTECH my chance was scattered due to the diversion of payment seat and free seat. This time I though that even though I was selected in BIMTECH then also I have to pay a large sum of money just for an B class Business School so I dropped the choice.
After this all my parents though for IIMS, Bareilly. This is a good choice since IIMS is near to my city hence I can come back to home whenever I feel homesickness (This can't be done at Bimtech since the travel distance from Greater Noida to Shahjahanpur is around 8 hours and it consist of travel through 2 buses and train.) Apart from this IIMS will provide me degree which is not in the case of BIMTECH (PGDBM) . The fees of IIMS is also a lot less than BIMTECH so that I can easily leave IIMS if I am selected in CAT. Without hesitation I took admission in IIMS and they also took me easily considering my score in MAT.
Now since I am tension free due to admission as well as training at our institute is also completed so this is fully vacation time for me and now days I am watching a lot of movies and playing much Computer games.

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Aditya Gupta said...

life seemed so good at that time. I now knew that my decision was not a very wise one but I am happy that I came to IIMS despite all the troubles I faced here I had a good time at the end of my MBA.

Hope there will be some treatment in stores of fate for me due to the pain caused to me by IIMS.

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