Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Few things of back

Today I wanted to share some of my back memories which I missed to say earlier.

I must admit that I have got all the collection of Star Wars now and I am much more satisfied after watching the great series completely.

Also I have watched Harry Potter 4 and I was not happy with its treatment, I believe that the book is far more better than the movie.

Now being IInd Semester Student of MBA I am facing a lot more challenges as compared to previously.

I am not happy with how the things are going.

Now for the present.

I am wishing to go to home for two days, which I hope I will do this weekend. I wanted to get civilization 4 game installed on my PC and I wanted a break. For God's sake, I deserve it.

Well I don't know how will life go so bye for now.


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