Monday, February 13, 2006

SinCity & Madagascar

Day before Yesterday I watched these two movies and I found both of them to be equally interesting.

First SinCity:

Its a great movie with a new type of picturisation, I liked this one as a piece of art but as a movie it looked more like a comic book or graphical novel. It is based on a graphical novel to be precise. It is a must watch for all those art lovers as well as those who like new type of movies.


This is a great cartoon movie of 2005. It features few zoo animals who accidentely got themselves into wild of Madagascar. It is a great fun time movie with lots of friendship and comedy. A must watch.

Apart from these two I also watched Zinda and Kaliyug (both bollywood flicks). Both of these movies were surrounded with great hypes but they both left me disappointed. However Zinda was good on the point that it used a different story and kaliyug features a good story but still there were a lot of flaws in them. Good to watch only for those who wants some change from routine movies.

Rang De Basanti (Amir Khan) - This was another movie I watched few days back with my friends. It has a good story and good treatment also but was boring in the begining. I think it can only look good if watched in cinema halls. So don't watch it on CD.

Also yesterday I came back to barielly from my home, I saw the destruction occured in my College. The Nagar Nigam persons destroyed the boundry wall of our college as it was on the Govt.'s land. Also today one of my senior had an road accident and he died. I don't know much details right now but I might get more information tommarow.

Till then bye..

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