Friday, October 06, 2006

Tough time at college

These days are going very tough for me as I am not habbitual of having such tight schedules.
During past two weeks I was as busy as any thing I could think of. I was first engaged in Sify project which took out all my oil in one week. To my surprise this was my project on Marketing and I became the team leader and I even don't want to make career in Marketing. Then after the Sify project I have to give exams just the very next day. Yes, My Unit test started on the next day of the last working day at sify.

I have to do exams with my regular lectures. then in between my exams I went for the industrial trip to Parle on 28th Sept. 2006. On very next day I had three exams that are of FM2, HR1 & HR2. I came back on that day at 9pm and reached to hostel at 10:30 pm.

After exam I went back to my home for Dusshera holidays and on last Sunday i.e. 1st Oct. 2006 I got my new bike (Apache).

I came back to bly on 3rd and on 4th I attended a marthon lecture of PD by Mr. Aporva Sharma.

Not to mention other bad assignments by Rastogi Sir and also masti done at college.

Last but not least day befor yesterday I found Shilpi on Orkut.

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