Monday, October 23, 2006

Using Internet on my Sony W550i with Hutch

At last I was able to start GPRS connection on my Sony W550i.

There was a problem with settings. On W550i or similar models from Sony you need to manually enter the settings. I will post the settings soon.

However after using the settings I was able to access my gmail, yahoo and even orkut by some tweakings.

I used both ways for surfing i.e. first I used the mobile WAP Browser. It showed the wap sites perfectly but for complete surfing I used Opera Java Version and I was able to surf net as I would use on PC. Although bit slow it worked fine. And the charges for gprs on Hutch are fine.

So best way to stay connected is to get a gprs enabled hutch connection and use gprs for all your work.

I even used Google maps on my set and it worked fine. However the problem is that India is not completely zoomable.


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