Thursday, October 11, 2007

Settings for Vodafone Mobile Connect for Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone.

Vodafone mobile connect service is the Internet service provided by Vodafone Essar company in India. It was formally known as Hutch Access.
Through this service you can get unlimited surfing for just a monthly rental of Rs. 499/- (as the customer care tells u).

To get it you need a postpaid mobile connection. Then you need to activate it. You can do it in three ways :

1. By sending an sms to 111. The message will be : Act VMC499 (you can also send Act HA499)
2. By calling 111.
3. By logging on to My vodafone Website (Through

Note: Vodafone Mobile Connect is different from Vodafone Live as Vodafone Live is free service with only data usage charges applied (10 paise per 10 kb) and it helps in surfing net on mobile, whereas through Vodafone Mobile Connect you can surf net through your pc or laptop.

Now considering you have activated the Vodafone Mobile Conect Service. You must recieve the settings, but if not you can send message www to 56789. The settings will be sent to you. If not then contact Customer Care.

For Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone the settings are as:

On Mobile (Sony Ericsson "W" Series mobiles, here the cell phone is W550i):

1. Goto Menu->Settings->Connectivity->Data Comm.->Data Accounts->New Account
2. Now create a new account named www
3. In the APN type www
4. Leave other settings as they are. Then save the settings.

On PC (using USB Cable)(For WinXP) :

1. Install the PC Suit provided with the mobile phone (if not previously installed). This will install two Modems in you Telephone and Modems.
2. Connect your mobile phone and select phone mode.
3. Now Goto Control Panel->Phone and Modem Options->Modems
4. Select the Sony Ericsson W550 USB WMC Data Modem (In this case its W550)
5. Select Properties.
6. Select Advance and in Extra initializing command type the following : at+cgdcont=1,"ip","www"
7. Now Goto Control Panel->Network Connections
8. Select Create a New Connection
9. In the New connection Wizard Select Connect to the Internet -> Set up my connection Manually -> Connect using Dialup Modem -> Modem - Sony Ericsson W550 USB WMC Data Modem ->Put Vodafone in ISP Name -> Phone Number : *99***1# ->Then Next and Finish.
10. Now connect to Internet using this account and you will be online.

If there is any problem then don't worry as you can always contact to Customer Care (111) for any help.

The net speed is not very fast as Broadband but still its good enough for general surfing.

The Method is more or less same for all other mobile phones and by using bluetooth also.

So Enjoy Unlimited Surfing.


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