Monday, November 19, 2007

Using Internet with MOTO ROKR E6

I got my vodafone mobile connect working on my new MOTO ROKR E6. It was not that difficult at all. My cell already had the settings preinstalled, all I have to do was the following:

1. Installing the Mobile Drivers from the given CD.
2. Enabling the USB Modem mode from my cell phone through settings-> USB Mode-> Modem.
3. Then creating a new connection on my computer using the connection wizard.
Leaving all settings as it is only changing the number to dial i.e. *99#
4. You will also need to add the following string as it is in the Extra Settings in your Modem option at you Control Panel.
at+cgdcont=1,"ip","www" (Note: For details on how to do it, check my post for the Vodafone Mobile Connect Settings for Sony W550i.

5. Now you can easily connect your Internet.

Also one point to note, you can also use the Hutch Internet for using Internet on your mobile, you won't be charged extra apart from the default charge of Vodafone Mobile connect. Its better than Vodafone Live and cheaper also.


~ The Big Show ~ said...

hi adi,

u mean u used the phone as a modem...and u did not use the inbuilt opera browser? Please do elobarate on how to use the opera browser...


L E T A U R E A U said...

Well good you got it working.
I am still struggling to browse on my Palm which is coupled with my E6.

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