Friday, December 11, 2009

Adding Images in your E-Mail Body (Gmail)

Many times you might have wondered how others have sent u image embedded in the e-mail body whereas when u send an e-mail then the images goes as attachment.

There is only one way to do it is by sending e-mails as HTML and coding the images using the 'img' tag but if you are using gmail then there is a simple workaround.

First you need to go to Google Labs from your Gmail account and enable Embedded Images in e-mail. Then when you compose an e-mail you can see a small add image icon at the formatting tools area.

when you will click on it then you will be displayed the following screen :

Now you can simply add your image and it will be inserted in the E-Mail body.

It will display fine with all the e-mail clients that support HTML E-mail viewing, for others it will be displayed as attachment.

Have Fun

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