Tuesday, December 08, 2009

One month with Samsung Omnia Pro

Now I have used my Samsung Omnia Pro for more than one month and I can confidently say that it is a good phone. Lets see some of its features :


The interface is good but I missed the Exit button for almost all the applications, the problem is that when you want to close any application you find that there is no exit button or function so you go out by pressing the End Call button but the application keeps running on the background slowing down the mobile phone, So I always keep track of the applications by Task Manager and close them. With this practice the phone works very smoothly considering it has 256 MB of RAM, It works very good. The Interface design is good looking and I like the custom themes of Samsung.


The phone has good connectivity options, ranging from USB Cable, Blue tooth to Wi-Fi, it also supports GPRS, Edge and 3G. The Vodafone connection I am using has Edge and the net speed is remarkably high with Edge over standard GPRS. Now I am waiting for 3G to arrive at my city to test it out.

For Business Professionals

This phone has very good support for e-mail and instant messaging, which makes business communication very convenient. You would amaze to see how effectively it handles SMS and makes similar messages as conversations so that you can keep track of your communication. E-Mail support is very good, you can configure your server and free e-mail services can easily be configured. E-Mails can be set to download at certain interval with minimum of 15 minute.

I was able to set my e-mail accounts with it and it even configured Gmail account without need for any settings. Sending e-mails is easy and now I use it primary for e-mail communication.

It has MSN Messenger built in which supports Microsoft Live Account and works fine, though I don't use MSN much.

Apart from communication, it has basic version of MS Office Mobile which lets you open, edit and save MSWord, MSPowerpoint, MSExcel Files. You can't create any new file but with simple workaround you can do so. All you will need is just create blank Word, Powerpoint, Excel files created on your PC then transfer them to your Memory card and use them as template by opening them, editing and saving them as new file. This way you can create Files also.

It also has PDF Viewer, RSS reader and other similar features to help you connect with world.

Internet Explorer is a bit buggy as always but I download Opera Mini Browser and it works great. Just download it from mini.opera.com (It will say that it didn't support your mobile, but download it and it works good).


The best function of this phone is that it has Built in GPS receiver which works smoothly with Google Earth. Just download Google Earth and it works. Works great.


Its Music Quality is great and the hands free has quality almost comparable to ipod. The only thing that is lacking is that 3.5 mm Jack is missing, you cannot connect to Exterior Speakers or headphones. Other than that the Windows Media Player works good and the sound quality is far more superior than any other similar phones.


The 3.2 MP Camera works good in daylight (as you might have seen my other posts with some pictures which were taken from the Mobile Camera but without flash the camera is useless for dull light Pictures or interior pictures. There are a lot of options for Camera like Mosaic, Photo Frame and collage photos.

The second camera is for video calling but since 3G is not here so I can't test it out.


It says that it can be upgraded Free to Windows Mobile 7 but I have to wait to check it out. Also there are not much applications available for this phone.


It has solitaire and bubble breaker preinstalled though I don't like games much but they are good and addictive. I was unable to find more games for this phone but I believe that JAVA games will work good on it.

Other Features

It has a lot of built in features like tip calculator, day calculator, and lots more but one feature I liked most is that when you download the youtube application from google then you can watch youtube videos on this mobile phone, due to Edge the speed of you tube video is good and mostly it show video without need for buffering which is a good thing. I can watch songs, television episodes etc on youtube. The contacts and Call list are practically unlimited and there are lot of fields for contacts and you can also find address of contacts on google Earth.


The keypad is good with pressure sensitivity but somehow it won't be easy for persons having big fingers.


Overall the phone is worth every paisa I spent on it though some things are annoying like lack of applications for windows mobile 6.1, No Flash, Bigger Keypad needed but considering its other features they are nothing to cry for. The weight of phone is less as compared to Nokia E-71.


Anil Jadhav said...

The interface is good but I missed the Exit button for almost all the applications, the problem is that when you want to close any application you find that there is no exit button or function so you go out by pressing the End Call button but the application keeps running on the background


You can CLOSE the app when u hit X button. Just Configure your X button to close app instead of running in background....CHECK SETTINGS section...

hope it will help you and others wont be missguided. i request you to upgrade your post too as the info about CLOSE you mentioned is FALSE

Aditya Gupta said...

Sorry to hurt your feeling but you should have first seen about which phone I am talking.

In this post I was talking about SAMSUNG OMNIA PRO B7320, not SAMSUNG OMNIA or SAMSUNG OMNIA HD. B7320 is a qwerty phone unlike other omnia's which are touch screen.

And to verify your statement. There is no 'X' button on Samsung Omnia pro B7320. So before making any comment or try to correct anyone, first correct yourself.

I could remove the comment but it could serve as an example to those who try to comment without reading the post.


आदित्य जी, मुझे आपका पोस्ट पढ़कर अच्छा लगा व अनिल जाधव को दिया गया जवाब पढ़कर और अधिक अच्छा लगा क्योंकि मैं भी सैमसंग ओम्निया बी 7320 ही इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ. यह एक काफी अच्छा व सस्ता मोबाइल है. मैंने इसे मात्र 9500 रूपये में ख़रीदा था. हाँ, इसके अन्दर एक ही खामी है कि इसकी किसी भी एप्लीकेशन को टास्क मैनेजर से ही बंद किया जा सकता है. Aditya Ji, Felt good to read your post and found your reply to Anil Jadhav better as I have also been using Samsung Omnia Pro B7320. I had bought it for Rs.9500 only. Only one thing I found bad in this phone is that any application running in this phone can not be ended except Task Manager. हिन्दी सप्ताह- कृपया हिन्दी को बढ़ावा दें, यह हमारी राष्ट्रीय व मातृभाषा है.

Aditya Gupta said...

Dear Mr. Anurag,

I am happy that you like my post. During the time when I wrote the post I had less time with the phone, now after so much time I must say that it really rocks at the budget range.

After the launch of BSNL 3G it became really useful phone, I use it for Video Calling and my main work is to check my mails at regular interval.

Another Good feature is its processor power. I purchased a game "Revival" from GSM Arena and it is a great strategy game for my mobile phone. Lots of Apps are there.

Anyway, hope you will like my blog also.

Have a nice time.


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