Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to make Money using Facebook

Many of you might be wondering how to make easy money with facebook. Though the method I am telling you is not extremely easy, you need to do some work, but still its too easy so that any new one can earn some quick bucks from facebook.

Here is how....

You will create one Application (most used ones are Virtual Gifting applications)
Add it to Facebook
Promote it
Earn money when user clicks on advertisements

Thats all.

But the problem no. 1 How to make Facebook application?

Here is a method to do it all in simple steps :

Goto Appbank

Appbank is a revolutionary method to let you create facebook applications from their ready made templates and share revenue. You can create games, IQ type applications, Virtual Gift Applications etc. with them.

Just Join Appbank and select the type of application you want to make.

Then create the application and share it with your friends. If your application is good then it will get users very quickly.

After making your application you need to apply for an account on Appbank. Your account will be approved soon and then you will start earning. Once your appbank account has $5 then you can withdraw it.

This is really simple, The time you spent on reading this post is the time which you will need to create an application on facebook using appbank.

And you all won't believe that I created one application on 22nd March 2010 & on 23rd March I checked that my application had 500 visits and I earned $.60 in just one day.

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Make Money Using Facebook said...

So, Facebook is not just a social community, it is also a money making world. Thanks for sharing. This information is very useful to facebook subscribers.

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