Friday, September 24, 2010

Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat

Recently I purchased Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mat from Global E-Bay. It costed me Rs. 1760 ($35) which included the shipping cost and customs duties also. The actual cost of a cutting mat can be less but its not easily available in India as people do not consider Paper Craft as a hobby or even don't understand it.

I ordered it on 26th August and got it on 8th September 2010, that is a very fast delivery as I was expecting around 30 days to ship it to me.

The Cutting Mat I ordered was of 12"X18" Size and it is really of very good quality. Previously I was using glass as base for all my cutting work but by using glass as base material I need to use a lot of force for cutting, it was risky and blades sharpness wears out very quickly.

Now after using This cutting Mat for more than 15 days I can say that the money spent was worth. It helped me in increasing my cutting speed with less sprain on my hands. I am loving it.

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