Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free VPS

Do you want a Free VPS for whole month ????

or do you want to check Different kind of VPS before ordering one. For example how CentOS VPS will work, or Windows 2003 VPS will be better or not. Which one will be easy to configure etc.

Then you can do it.

All you need is a Virtual Credit Card and you can get a Free VPS.

How ?


1. Generate a VCC (any amount, I recomend $1 or less)
2. Go to (They are a Cloud Computing Site)
3. Register for a new account.
4. Use Coupon Code : GGSB
5. You will be given free $100 Credit
6. Now you need to provide your personal info/billing info. Remember if you are using fake then you need to keep a copy as sometimes they can ask for the info you filled through e-mail address. So if you forget what you wrote then best is to take a screenshot.
7. Now your account will be created.

There are two options if you wish to use this service.
1. Create a Server and use it for one month (A 512 MB RAM Server will last for 1 month, a 1 GB RAM Server will last for 20 days, as by this time your $100 credit will be used up)
2. Test all types of Servers for 1 day each and you can learn a lot.

I personally recomend option 2 as this will give you option of testing almost 5-6 kind of VPS.

I have just made and tested a Windows 2003 Server.

I was able to login to RDC by using the IP address (Oh! I forgot to tell you that they also provide 10 Free IP Address to use with your Servers, means you can create 10 Servers at a time though they all will cost you).

So go ahead and get a Free VPS.....

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