Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Working with PHP

PHP is great and is easy to learn. These days I worked with many sites and I used a lot of PHP with them. Even I have transfered my website Adityastar.com into PHP. I didn't used any database with it but used php to create a header and footer file which can be called from the body files and thus I created a header and footer area which can be easily modified without going through all the html files.

Previously there was problem, if I have to add a new link in Header area or have to add any google analytics or any other code in footer area then I have to go through them manually but now I can just modify the header php file and footer php file to get everything working in few minutes.

Now I am working with PHP to integrate a category database with Joomla for Shahjahanpur Info Website.

I will post more updates here soon.

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