Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quantam of Solace

Yesterday I saw this movie and I must say it is not like old Bond movies but the director tried to mimic The Bourne Movies. Quite funny thing.

James Bond movies were popularized by the Gadgets, Cars and Sexy Girls but the current series is going away from it. I agree that older James Bond movie didn't had much to do with proper Spy thing but even then they were popular. Suddenly The Bourne Identity came and it created a standard for spy movies now even the producers and directors of James Bond Series are trying to follow that standard, I said funny because Bond has its own fan base who will never go to another spy movies but with QoS James Bond has shown signs of Jason Bourne.

The story was average and the whole movie revolved round revenge and profession.

I liked the movie, not because it was good but because they tried to follow my favourite movie Series.

Don't know how True James Bond lovers will react on such movies...

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