Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook Games - Addictive or not???

I have started playing facebook games a month ago. Actually I joined Facebook a month ago and right now I am playing Farmville, Mafia Wars, Treasure Island, Cafe World and Social City. I can't say right now that whether these games are additive or not because I havn't played for long. But I can say for surely that they are good to make you play daily.

I myself found to be a bit addictive to them, however when I decided not to play, then there was no force from within to let me play these games.

These games gave me a great idea which helped me earn through Facebook and now I have received my first payment from Earning through Facebook. Its not good but not bad at all. The most important factor here is that the earning is growing daily. In the first week I was earning around $.01 - $.30 per day but now since past 15 days I have started earning around $.7-$1.5 daily (it is very low but consider the fact that I have spent only 15 minutes daily for it and mostly I spent no time to earn) its almost automated but to earn more, more work is needed.

Right now I am earning around $1 daily without any work at all and with little efforts the earning increases. My next target is to make this earning $5-$10 daily without efforts and I wanted to see that If I do not do much work on the applications I created then how long it will take to earn $5 daily and then $10 daily.

I will update the status on this blog.

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