Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why some people act stupid with Real Facts?

Honestly, I never secondly thought I would ever write it for any famous person, but today I read Tweets of Shobha De, I stumbled upon it through the front page of twitter.

The problem is that she is ,literally , speaking on things she don't know.

Here is her latest tweet :

We now know people get married over the phone. But telephonically impregnated, too??Shoaib shld patent this technique asap.

Now can anyone please tell Shobha that after the said marriage of Shoaib with Ayesha, Shoaib visited India 2-3 Times in various Series and non-cricket occasions. He even once played in Hydrabad and spoke to Media that he was happy to make runs in his wife's home city. Now the real point is that when he can come to India and play in Hydrabad, wouldn't be it that he met with his wife ??? Then whats the point of Shobha saying that he impregnated on telephone. Please, don't speak on something you don't know. Atleast I myself don't know about whether he is married or no, but atleast I know that he visited India and played in Hydrabad after the so called marriage, and if the marriage is true then there were situations when he could impregnate his wife.

I also watched tweets of Shashi Thrur and many more and I can finally say that technology is a medium through which Famous personalities can show how idiot they are...

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